It’s the end of the world as we know it…

And I feel fine…

I have a kid who can sing all the lyrics to that REM song. Crazy… but anyway…

After reading lots of good reviews, I picked up a copy of Divinity 2 last week. I enjoyed the previous games, so I figured it would be a nice diversion. While it was an okay game, I didn’t find myself getting too engaged. With some games, I feel like I have to finish just to get it out of my system, but D2 was more like… I have to finish it because I paid for it.

Being able to turn into a dragon is nice, and I enjoyed the aerial combat. The enemy AI wasn’t very good though, and I found I could easily strafe in, kill a couple of ballistics or a nest, and fly back to heal and quicksave. While the game offers a wide array of abilities you can put points into, I ended up dumping all my skill points into just a handful of skills: explosive shot (which has a ridiculously overpowered AOE affect), summon ghost (he’s weak at first, but with a handful of points, he’s a battle healer!), summon demon (a taunting tanking summon with decent dps) and charm.

For most fights, I could run in, fire off explosive shot and take out everyone in the group instantly. For harder fights, I had my demon tank, my ghost heal and I’d charm one of the enemies so they’d fight among themselves and I could pick them off. The final battle took me all of about 30 seconds and certainly didn’t feel epic. I almost never bothered pulling out my “creature” pet because he didn’t scale very well, even using clean-cut body parts. The story seemed a little goofy too. The bad guy keeps showing up periodically throughout the game, but he never thinks to just kill you while you’re a lowbie peon and rolling on the ground injured. To twist a Spaceballs quote, “Good will triumph because evil is DUMB.”

Riding off into the sunset...

Riding off into the sunset...

I started playing Fallen Earth, and it’s a great change of pace. I love not caring about endgame. With all the family stuff I’m having to do in real life right now, my gaming time is limited, so being able to queue up crafting stuff, or just log in and goof around for a bit is great. I love all the crazy stuff the npcs say. (“So. Do clones go to the bathroom?”) There are so many little things hidden everywhere, from signs spraypainted on the sides of buildings to the tooltips of my items. The humor fits me very well, and I can see FE being a game that my husband (“He Who Will Not Play MMOS”) might eventually play. The community seems mature for the most part, and the GMs are quick to squash the Barrens Chat refugees that occasionally start trolling in the help channel. I don’t feel like quite as much of a crotchety old lady when I’m playing FE, unlike WoW, where I’m occasionally convinced that an entire village of idiots has decided to have their worldwide convention on my server. ;)

I love how the gear looks in FE

I love how the gear looks in FE

I’m still logging into WoW once in a while to visit with friends, but there’s really nothing to do now, apart from raid. Since gear is so easy to get, there’s just not much to do. My druid is exalted with the 5 Northrend factions, and is well-geared. So the only thing left to do is level alts… and with six 80s now (I got my warlock to 80 not long ago), I’m pretty over the whole alt-leveling thing. I’ve thought about starting some new characters on a different server with absolutely no resources from my 80s, in an effort to capture that whole “first time through the game” feeling. But I suspect it would be a bit like a high school reunion… the past was way cooler in my memory than it is now.

I also participated in the beta for Star Trek Online, for about two hours before the constant rubber banding drove me nuts. There’s plenty of potential in STO, but to think that this beta is just a month away from a release is crazy. It reminds me a bit of the Warhammer open beta. Not a good sign.

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  1. SlothBear says:

    Hmmm Fallen Earth eh? I got mixed reviews, some people really loved it other people couldn’t get into it. I’ve been playing Darkfall which is actually a lot of fun.

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